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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

Mui Wo Village 2008

I stopped my daily swimming several weeks ago, when the pools closed, and the ocean got too chilly for regular swims.  Myself and my British doctor friend were the last two swimming in the ocean in late December at Mui Wo.
When you become used to vigourous daily exercise, you feel let down when it's absent.  I do some yoga exercises, still my preference is for water always.
Time on my hands to think about how the past connects in Chinese culture, with my present, and whatever plans I want for the future.
I know now I don't want to go on writing about myself in China too much longer, or maintain this huge 1000 page website, or write about Cultural Gap issues.
I must accept that Joe will have to be apart from me on and off possibly forever, as he must take care of his old mom and dad, as they have taken care of him, and he is a responsible Chinese person to devote the next ten or fifteen or even twenty years of his life minding them.
This is reality: face it.
I am finishing the Feng Shui and Photo Gallery sections, then onto writing about New Age health topics.  And so I walk alone, by the ocean that heals and gives us an unlimited vision of a larger world.

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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