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Feng Shui: Toilets

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Toilets are big bad luck, and there will be a lot more on them in this book.  You may have already guessed that if you have been travelling on a low budget in Asia for any length of time.
They can cause trouble for you with their water flushing energy flushing good chi out of your home, so it might be best of have as few of them as possible, and also have flushing mechanisms that rarely work.
Presently, in my Hong Kong hotel, I have the fun of filling the back of the toilet manually with the shower hose, since this works faster than waiting 24 hours for the back to fill on its own sulky chi energy.
Laughingly, I learn from my chi studies that feng shui thoughtful Chinese worry about the placement and design of these artifacts. 
Feng shui at a point like this seems to be for the very rich who even design their own homes, as I can imagine most of phoning our landlord,
Hey! how could you do this to our family?  The toilet is in the wrong place, come right on over and move it to the south-west corner.
Ah, I once had a lovely apartment in Montreal and the toilet opened onto the middle one wall of the living room, with no cubicle or hall inbetween.
That was tacky, so I can understand some of this feng shui.
Toilets must not face front doors of homes, as all good chi will be thrown out of the front door.
What good chi could you have had in the first place to live with the toilet facing the front door?

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