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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

November 28 2006

Well,  I had a fan approach me today and tell me I was hilariously funny,  for the piece I wrote at this site about some Chinese ladies running a hotel in the Mirador Mansions discovering a local sleazeball who tried to bring in NOT ONE BUT TWO PR--TITUTES into our little previously respectable hotel/hostel.
I felt somewhat better and had just received a rare round of positive and personal emails from Cousin Barbara, Joe who tells me he is making me a Gift Photo Website so I can put up all my travel photos, and a letter from a work person saying I am a Great Teacher.
I understand the Chinese sense of humour by now, and wonder if that means I am about to get fired!
Am dwelling heavily in personal relationships as feel Career and Home and Money are big flops.
Evening appointment to see beauteous-located home with two itsy bedrooms for my non-existent visitors, and a long way from anywhere, a Chamma Tau type scenario.
Chamma Tau Vege-Cafe welcomed me warmly to Chamma Tau last week when I went out to potential business partners, and made me feel sad Joe had flown the Couple coop.
I am working at computer room where not one but two Octopus cards have disappeared from the computer tray, after Helpful Worker helped me to print.
Sarah from New Zealand, an elegant traveller reminiscent of an updated young Audrey Hepburn, told me yesterday she had accidentally happened upon real workers in that trade scampering up and down narrow flights of stairs somewhere on Central Side.
I thought this must be Wan Chai, where I had seen pairs of bar-girls sitting on folding chairs outside taverns, with a Chinese guy hovering by them to watch the money.
I grilled her, trying to locate what she had seen, for our pictures did not merge, she said they were quite young girls with grandmother types watching over them.
Well, those types of grandmas are not the types of grandmas we grew up with in Canada,  hhmmmmm.
We had a wonderful outing and walked along the road bordering Kowloon Park - Haiphong Road? - to Canton Road and turned to the right and walked up a few doorways to the Taiwan Beef Noodle House.
The Taiwan Beef Noodle House is full of round glass-topped tables and heavy wood carved stools, and has great reasonably-priced food.
I noted the menu outside the door a few weeks and saw many things I liked, or just the sound of, garlic green beans, brown thick noodles Shanghai style, mango pancakes, and quasi-desserts that you could have for breakfast if you dislike meaty soups.
It is a purely Chinese place, without coarse HK snacks and forties British stuff, like Horlicks, oatmeal, and pig knuckles.
There is the tea and peanuts as in Shenzhen with a small charge of 2 and 3 HK for these extras.  They will re-fill your tea endlessly for you, even when you have finished dinner and just want to talk to your friend a while.
Sarah is new to Hong Kong, and can't wait to get into China, where she plans to have her real adventures.  She finds the streets crushing, and the prices steep here.
I  told her how hospitable and thoughtful the people of China are to guests.  She entertained me with a hilarious imitation of Hong Kong merchants, and variable prices.
For you - Special Price!
For you - Special Price! - Double the local price!
For you - New Zealand - one million HK!
For you - Canadian - one million HK!
We really liked the ambience of the restaurant, sometimes it is quite empty - mid-mornings for mango pancakes - though at night it is packed.
They play Chinese music which is more audible when it is less full, and a black-suited manager has even come to my table to take my order himself.
Almost all of the foods are palatable to those bewginning Chinese food - such as rice, noodles, with chicken and vegetables - though one horribly interesting fish caught my eye.
This began with Fish Ovuducts - or something to that affect - and made me thing of Fish Ovaries. You don't mean to tell me that Chinese would eat Fish Ovaries?
There are many wonderful things to eat in China, I reminded Sarah, and mentioned freshly made soy milk, pineapples, walnuts, boneless chicken, prawns, shrimps, noodles, rice, eggplants, coconuts, freshly made coffee, real duran fruit pastries, Shanghai style cuisine, beer made with fewer chemicals, green tea and a million other items.

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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