The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel

Hong Kong Travel Diaries: Wednesday August 10 2005

Today was a busy day, with Career Interviews.
They were all a long way apart from one another, and seemed to Go Well.  The pay, the hours, the distances are to be considered here, as we still do not know where Joe will work, and where we will live yet, though we have certain areas we are looking at first.
I came home with a large bag of lemons to make health drinks for Joe, and found his temperature cooling down, from the cold he caught on the airplane ride over.
Here I am, with tens of thousands of Internet readers, just to one of my sites, and I can only get work as an ESL teacher, and must be happy with that, for things could be worse.
Joe was feeling better enough to go out and get Chinese seafood take-out dinner, with small pieces of crab and shrimp and green onions, and we celebrated just being in Hong Kong, sitting on our hotel beds, with pink patchwork quilts, and a noisy air-con, and drinking lemonade.
We feel asleep by eleven after watching a ridiculous TV show about the Da Vinci Code, that linked together the Cathars, Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, The Templars and Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, as some mysterious plan.
The information that Jesus might have been married no longer struck me as interesting, since these stories have been around for a while, and I said with much sarcasm to Joe, fresh from the job-hunt,
An employer will pay you less if you have a BA rather than a BEd for ESL, and look into you carefully with international phone calls, and yet here are people cooking up a marriage and family tree for Jesus, based on Gnostic writings only a century or two after his death.
Why don't we say we just saw a flying saucer land
in rural Canada, back one another up, and no one will question that, as they rush to give us book and movie deals!

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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