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Sunday August 7th 2005

Again to Delifrance for scrambled eggs, croissants with unsalted butter, and good French coffee with heated milk.
The air is scorching, and I have decided we should do nothing every second day, a policy which will soon kick in, with anticipated Hong Kong job interviews.
I am kind toward my friend, and let him decide where we will go.  I want to take a boat and go to Lamma or Cheng Chau, he wants to go the Hong Kong Public Library.
My sense of humour is stimulated by the Library, as there seems to an English section equal in size to the Chinese section - at least, for adult books, which only have one floor.
The Children's Exhibition on the Ground Floor causes me much laughter, as it is a large Immigration Game for Hong Kong tots.
Come to Canada! I say, 75 points for fooling Australian Immigration Officers, 100 for fooling American Immigration Officers, and only 15 if you fool the Canadian Immigration Officers!
Joe and I discuss that Canadian Immigration officxers are completely unaware than Chinese routinely use two names when they immigrate - legally.
For Example:
A couple is called Lam Peng and Pong Weng.
The names of their parents are taken first.
When they come West, they become,
John Lam and Susan Pong.
They could further confuse the issue by becoming,
John Lam and Susan Lam.
Or they could deceive by taken the Western methodology while still in Asia,
John Peng and Susan Weng.
John and Susan Peng.
It is hard to believe the high wages paid to many government bureaucrats in Canada, when they have such a slumbering quality. When I praise the mental acuity of young Chinese it is with absolutely no irony nor racial prejudice.
In the interests of maintaining a bland family site, my other comments and jokes concerning the Chinese Public Library Immigration Game for young Chinese will not be written.
Since the creators of this game surely have a wonderfully droll sense of humour, perhaps they would appreciate my own.  My Chinese companion thinks I am happy to be back in Chinese culture, and I am.
Upstairs, away from the Mysteries of Global Chinese Immigration, I am again amused to note the emphasis on certain books in the library, for example, Creative Options For HR Officers, Quality Control in Today's Marketplace, and Latest Corporate Rules For Thinking Outside The Box.
I look around for Low IQ Trash, and have a rough time of it, as I want my friend Joe to think I am smart as well as having a public reputation as an ESL Teacher to maintain.
The Hong Kong Chinese reading in English are a sophisticated lot, alas with a part of their brains top heavy in International Business.
I make my first selection: a new book of first-hand accounts of British and Americans witnessing war crimes against the Chinese during the Japanese Occupation, a Chinese family saga with a beautiful red cover, a novel about the London underworld by Martina Cole, a book of non-fiction essays by Ann Coulter, a book of best digicom make money ideas.
What do we do at night?
We do nothing.

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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