The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel

China: Good Manners: The Man Is The One Who Decides


I benefitted from the help of many Chinese men who were my good friends and thoughtful students... their decisiveness helped me to find jobs, get to train station on time, order large and complicated meals in all sorts of wonderful restaurants.
They served freely as interpreters and translators, and I was and am grateful for their commanding ways.
I was certainly shown much warmth and affection by Chinese women frienda as well, some of whom were very successful career women.
I do not mind this trait in China, for I have seen wealthy Chinese men have relatives calling them at all hours of the day, talking them about minor domestic problems.
Also, these same men economically supported aunts, cousins, sisters, and even female in-laws - they did a lot for women!

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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