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China: Good Manners: Dutch Treat


Dutch Treat Is Laughed At:
One Person Usually Picks Up The Tab
The Chinese in China do not care for Dutch Treat, and find it somewhat amusing.
I was flabberghasted at one student after one delicious Chinese luncheon to see one of my best students, Silver, pick up a tab for twenty students and myself.
This is the custom there, and you should be careful not to have added guests tagalong from your hotel or business group, as one Chinese may by  the rules of their politeness, pick up the tab.
Once, two computer students, both male, laughingly split the tab for a foursome, with myself and a Chinese woman friend of theirs; we agreed openly that Dutch trteat was sometimes sensible.
A successful student of mine, called Bank Lady with much affection on my part, told me a story of another rich banker who asked a friend out to lunch.  The banker was know for his largesse, and the friend came along with a large group of friends - more than ten!
The Chinese are generally very generous.

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