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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

Memories of a Travelling Woman


Why do we travel?
Lately, the travel magazines are full of wonderment at Reality Tourism - upper middle-class travellers from Western democracies wanting to view the slums of Brazil and the shanty townships of South Africa.
This trend does not surprise me:
we travel to experience a completely different world,  be it a pacifying beach in the tropics,
or a hectic marketplace full of goats and chickens. 
I was born to a travelling family
and did not think much about reasons, since my father worked for  government airlines, and every January we received a set of four taxpayer-subsidized tickets for each member of our family - twenty tickets in all.
My mother and father and my grandparents decided where I went as a child:
Old Orchard Beach in Maine, Lake Sturgeon in Ontario, Tampa in Florida, and Toronto and Vancouver.  Later, Canterbury and Arosa and Zurich and London and Paris and California.
In my late teens, careless and ever hopeful,
I would just dash out to the airport
with our company's schedule in one hand
and a  carry-on bag in the other hand, embarking alone for Antigua, London, Vienna, Paris, or Athens. With those free tickets, anywhere in North America was considered a short trip.
Since my parents did not give me any money, and were occupied with Bleak House style divorce issues, my travel funds came solely from summer jobs such as supermarket clerk or data entry clerk.  I was enterprising, and did not want to waste those free airline tickets.
I was the only woman/white person to stay at a guest house in the Caribbean that only Caribbean travellers frequented.  As a university student, I frequented libraries a lot, and managed to find this budget jewel, in a guide just made for inter-island travelers.

Apparently many people who lived in the Caribbean needed lower prices, as they worked between these glorious islands.
Operated by a motherly old black lady, I felt quite adventuresome. The place was spotless and respectable, though spartan.

My father gave me Budget Guides for London, and I frequented Russell Square hotels, where I could walk to the British Museum, and look at Egyptian art.  Older ladies took care of me there, supplying a British breakfast that lasted me all day.
Here are some of my eventful memories:

Haworth, England

Cowsbridge, Wales

Paris, France

San Francisco, California

St. Boniface, Canada

Bihar, India


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Hong Kong * Mui Wo * Peng Chau Island
Tung Chung * Shenzhen * Nanning * Hunan Province
Bobcaygeon * Pointe Claire * Montreal
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Vancouver * Richmond * British Columbia

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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