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Folk Sayings and Proverbs, China Wisdom - Dragons 14


Dragons are a positive and happy symbol for Chinese.

The dragon flies and the phoenix dances.
It refers to a showy style of calligraphy, and writing void of real content.

A dragon's and a horse's spirit. It refers to a tenacious grip on life, and a resilient spirit in old age.

A confusing mixture of fish and dragons.
It refers to criminals mixed with with ordinary decent people.

Dragons soaring like tigers.
It refers to a scene of lively activity.

Carriages like a stream and horses like a dragon. It refers to great and dense traffic.

A dragon's pool and a tiger's den.
It refers to a dangerous place to be.

Paint a dragon and dot the eye.
It refers to artists painting the finishing detail; the brush stroke that brings the subject to life.

Lord Ye loves dragons.
This refers to one who pretends to like something that he fears.

A carp has jumped the dragon's gate. This refers to government entrance exams, and rising up in life.

Even a dragon must fight to control a snake in its native haunt.

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