The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel

Folk Sayings and Proverbs, China Wisdom 3

Mencius, Chinese Wisdom:

Noble natures are calm and content.

The song of a dying bird is plaintive; the
words of a dying man are just.

The wise place virtue in thought.

A good word has heat enough for three winters; a hard one wounds like six months of cold.

To yield to Heaven is to save one's self.

If there is too much rice in the kitchen, there
are starving people on the road.
To help another helps yourself.

Drink less and learn more.

The spirits know your secret sins.

Kwan said: "Now the whole kingdom is
drowning; how is it that you do not save it?"
Mencius relied: "A drowning kingdom must be
rescued by right principles, not like a drowning person, by the hand."



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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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