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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

2019 March 22

I went over to Mui Wo Village, to look at books, to try to see my new male friend who does home renovations, and my new woman friend who owns a Nepalese food store.

I did not see any books I wanted to buy, and also am waiting for money, so walked over to McDonald's and wrote in my small notebook, what needed to be done as follow up on my new book. I also have to find out why no money ever is paid to me from the Internet book publishers, though I get fan mail, and increasing Page Views.

Too much at once, and nothing to lighten the load.

I go to the library almost every day, now, to work, and I cannot remember a day when I did not work. To work at work  I earn no money from. I used to. I am trying to. Working is a free activity, and I deal only with international activities on the Internet, so nothing is local.

Nepalese men, friends and relatives of Angeli, sat at a table outside of the store. I was welcomed with a friendly hug in the back rooms where the family congregrates. 

A tall Chinese woman, a local official of some kind, came in behind me, discussing a meeting to be held there in one of the upstairs rooms.

We discussed the need to help Angeli, with her store, publicity and government, yet the high rental problem was avoided.

Angeli, or something like the word Angel, yet in Nepalese is my new friend.  Her grocery store is full of exotic goods:

  • henna of all types
  • coconut oils and coconut creams
  • almond oil
  • chickpeas to make tahini with
  • castor oil, organic in large bottles

I wanted to shop there, but have no stove, or anywhere to cook, as I am not in real home. I wonder what I did wrong in another life to deserve this strange fate.

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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