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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

2019 March 21

Thursday began strangely with a German or Austrian woman screaming at me in the local swimming pool.

I was doing a vigorous exercise, ballerina kicks, standing at the side of the pool.  I push one arm out as I do these, to warn people swimming past me, that my legs are jutting out quite quickly.

A blond haired woman in cut offs rushed over to me,  Excuse me! You are pushing people away! The woman never saw why I was doing that, and she thought I might hit the teacher swimming too closely to me, training her small child. I was trying to ward off people banging into one another.

So. She was really angry for no reason. I suspect that these casual bouts of public anger give vent to some other problem, and just smiled at her.

Interestingly, that really enraged her! I knew then she wanted an argument.

"You"re smilling!" she said, in a loud voice.

"You are evil!  Yuu are really evil!" Her will to drive us into an argument was resisted by me, and I kept smiling though not so brightly.  This is a place I go to regularly and I want to keep on good terms with the general environment.

So!  You are reading the blog of an Evil Person! Sounds more exciting, doesn't it?

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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