The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel

2019 March 24

Today was a Sunday, and I got up full of good intentions. to go to St. Andrew's and see Fiona at the late morning service. Instead I ended up hitting a wall of subway officials, who were directing passengers to take a shuttle bus to the Disneyland stop, because there was a blockage on the MTR.

It just seemed to complicated, so I went to the library to work, which I had not wanted to do. I avoided doing PR for my new book, because I work like a galley slave, and never see one thin dime.

What did I do?

I wrote a new article, about village life. I liked it, it compares the milllionaire who killed himself, with the Great Gatsby, the character in the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I was so satisfied, I goofed off and watched YouTube films, one was a typical mystery thriller, and the others were documentaries about the state of Libya.  Libya is worse than I thought, it is a destination point for migrants frm Africa to Europe, though the films hinted at a thriving market in human beings, sold as a variety of prey. Medical reasons, sex slaves, or just unpaid workers.

I gave up focussing on the day's work, and went out for a walk along a pretty rural pathway, full of sense foliage, wonderfully quiet and peaceful for this city. Then I splurged on a rare second meal, I am only eating once a day to save money.

I luxuriated in my chicken nuggets, and multiple cups of hot tea, forcing myself to rest my brain, and not look at the gathering messages on my android phone. The results of the FB Page and Book and Group set, that I made on Saturday, hoping some sales will result soon.

Like a soldier in a boot camp, I returned to my non-comfortable housing here, sleeping on rock like bedding. I would complain about that, but as there is no sympathy at all to be gained, why bother?

PS. Good news, I regained my lost Instagram account, the top account that has more artist friends from around the world. Old Internet friends were will there, 1500.

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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