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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

2019 March 2

Yesterday, I knew that I was in for a Long & Ugly Fight, with the Government of Canada, unwanted on my side.  I will explain this, by and by, but want my readers to have a variety of life experiences here, as I need myself to keep sane, for this terrible struggle.

So yesterday I did cry a little.

I also worked on this website, as going through thousands of Back Pages, editing fonts and headers, etc., is necessary, while listening to Positive Thinking Music at YouTube.

I prepared to talk out more to both sides, Hong Kong and Canada, and joined a lot of friendly looking local groups. 
I then cut my work short, as my focus is broken, and went and loafed in the delightful sun at Starbucks, refraining all work on my Samsung Galaxy pink smartphone.

I just sit there, as I am too broke to eat anything. I snacked on a breakfast banana, bought for under 2 HK.  I splurged next on a swimming session at the local community pool, and that made me feel a little better.

Not only am I not being helped by my own government, I am actively being endangered by their intentional refusal to renew my passport, with over a year of totally contradictory excuses.  (I must try to file this separately, in logical sequence.)

So what I can do, is to work on my health, and my social communications. Steadily, and to show the Hong Kong side of things that I am a responsible person, and did not want to be caught in the middle of an abyss like this.

At the library before my swim of an hour and a half, I tried to do Trataka, for half an hour, and listened to Positive Thinking by Vortex Subliminals, Overcome Childhood Shame! and by the wonderful Canadian Jodi Whiteley, Peace and Prosperity.

I spent about 5 hours on improving my health, and if that seems like a lot, I am facing life in a foreign country with out one piece of Primary ID, thanks to the lack of my passport.


I have a new friend, who witnessed a newcomer to our village harrassing me at the local Mui Wo Bus Station last Friday night around 10.45 PM.  This was quite dramatic, as when I walked quickly away from the man, he followed me repeatedly, and finally grabbed me forcefully by my forearms. I had had no quarrel with him, until he touched me.

His intention was to have us both on the same late night bus.  All of the buses arrive at dark and lonely points, deserted and rural, especially at 11 PM or midnight. He later showed he had no interested in taking buses, as he is staying somewhere in Mui Wo Village.

In spite of my own troubles, I filed an OnLine Police Report with exact details of his appearance, the story line, and a key witness, a store owner, who had been earlier harrassed by the same man!

She too had witnesses, fortunately, and was forced to shut down her own business, due to the intimidation she experienced.

The man is not Chinese.
He is white, with an Eastern or Mid-Eastern accent, very thick, and unclear English.
He has dark hair, a dark trimmed beard.
His phone briefly showed New York, USA, numbers, and Arabic looking script fonts, though several languages have this flowing script, so uncertain.

The Mui Wo Police are already informed of the situation.


I am supposed to be having fun today.  Maybe my website will be fun.  Off to do some Photoshopping.

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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