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Divorce Causes Illness In Us

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Though I lay passively in my bedroom for hours, without moving at all, the other children affected responded in various ways.

My younger brother shouted and screamed more, and actually jumped out of moving cars at busy intersections, a sure attention getter. He did not want a second mother, a mother who was breaking up our own mother's home. His rage was healthier than my immobility.

My new step sister, Karen, turned to me once, shortly after being introduced and gave me a thump on the side of my arm, for no reason. She did not want new people in her own family.

My baby sister was to later surface with some breathing problem, and I remember her standing on a kitchen chair in Richmond, British Columbia, with a brown paper bag over her head.

My stepbrother, a friend to my brother, buried his anger towards my father for years, until he one day lashed out, and just assaulted Dad, causing my father to call the police. I took the side of my step brother, as the trigger for the fight was the discovery that Dad was running around on his second wife, whom he would one day leave quite cruelly.

In television movies, step-parents and step-children fought and later reconciled with tenderness, though in real life, our injuries and hostilities and temporary truces dragged on for decades.

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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