The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel

The Canada Adventures of Arielle Gabriel

At The Penny Candy Store: Bobcaygeon, Ontario

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The penny candy store was small but rich in candies and also comic books.

Here are some of the candies:

  • red licorice sticks
  • black licorice sticks
  • wax pink lips that you could eat, after your wore them
  • dusty heart candies, with Love Slogans on them
  • fake cigarettes, white brittle candies with pink tips
  • Double Bubble gums, not sold in Quebec
  • Tootsie Rolls, not sold in Quebec
  • Carcker Jack Boxes, with free toys in them
  • Macintosh toffee bars, too sweet even for me
  • Cadbury milk chocolate
  • Cadbury dark chocolate
  • Crispy Crunch, a favorite
  • Lowney's Bridge Mixture, Mom's favorite
  • Lowney's Cherry Chocolate in a square box
  • chocolate covered raisins
  • chocolate dovered nuts
  • chocolate covered coconut bars
  • peanut brittle
  • Mars Bars
  • popsicles
  • fudgsicles
  • Dixie cups, small tubs of ice cream
  • Kit Kat bars, plain wafers with choclate coating
  • popcorn, plain
  • ice cream cones, in wrappers, from a freezer
  • Life Savers, rainbow colored
  • Life Savers, mint, plain white
  • Life Savers, butterscotch
  • huge lollipops with rainbow circles

In that there were dozens of huge jars behind the counter, I cannot remember all the types of teeth rotting foods we consumed, but we did so, cheerfully, with no thought of the future, or concern for dental bills.

I went to this store with my first money earned carrying my dad's golfs clubs, to buy comic books and a little candy. It was the first store I saw when I walked up the Canadian National Railway tracks with my brother towards Kenstone Station.

And after the candy purchase, I selected my comic books from the circular metal stand by the door: a perfect shopping day.

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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