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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

The Canada Adventures of Arielle Gabriel

Carrying Dad's Golf Clubs: First Job

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My Scottish DNA kicked in sharply at a very young age, because I remember exactly how much money I earned, and how I spent this money, what I could buy with those small coins.

What I could buy, in various combinations:

2 regular comic books, and 1 small chocolate bar OR
3 small chocolate bars, and 1 regular comic books OR
2 regular chocolate bars, and 1 small chocolate bar

I was a good child shopper, and I decided that two comic books, and one small choclate bar was the wisest selection.
We got up early in the morning at the summer cottage in Bobcaygeon, and drove to the golf course, where my father liked to play with his local friends.

This job cannot have been stenuous, as my Mom would not have allowed much stress to me, surely I had some sort of wheeled machine to push these metal golf clubs about on.
I don't think my earnings were very high, in retrospect.

I looked forward to receiving my pay several hours before our evening meal, so I could run down the Canadian National train tracks to the Kenstone Candy Store, which also featured a circular metal rack with latest monthly comi8c books from America.

My favourites?

Little Audrey
Richie Rich
U&ncle Scrooge
Little Dot
Little Lulu

And of all these, of course, the artist Little Dot was my best loved story, this character could paint polka dots all over the world, and go unpunished for it.

It was hard to imagine how Dad could become so excited about putting a dot into a hole in the ground, when with a little more imagation, you could create your own dots, and decorate the gold course, the school, the hospital, the streets, with your own system of multiplication.

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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