The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel

Ouija Boards & Automatic Writings

I am amazed by Christians who think Ouija boards are evil, because really I think they are ridiculous, we may loop back to the same point of logic, because I read once that the Devil is so proud, one way to hold him down is to laugh at him, insulting his pride.
Yes, we played around in the Canadian sububrbs with these toys, and they were shockingly sold at Canadian toy stores in those days.  My mother was interested, due to Great Aunt Jessica, being mystically inclined.
We ascertained that neither relative moved the board, that some spiritu moved the board, but it never gave us any lottery numbers, or health tips, or how to hide Quebec beer in our car when it crossed the border into more strict Ontario.
However the Christian faith healings, my own magical Caul Birth, the dream from my maternal grandmother as to the exact time of her death 3000 miles away in West Vancouver - still encouraged me onwards in pursuit of the mystical.
After high school days spent traipsing down town to the many palm readers and card ladies who operated out of red booth sandwich and salad restaurants I naively hoped for some glorious destiny.
When I hit London, England, I was in Seventh Heaven because my room-mate Mary later to become a well known Tarot Card expert not only shared all my interests, she led the way with a full time zeal and devotion.
(See whole Mary section).
I learned about automatica writing, and as my hands were always full of brushes or penciles I just took up this interest naturally.
You hold the pencil in a certain way, and don't try to influence it with your own intentions.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not, and now it has stopped for me for years.
It's probably stopped because I feel I should throw my life to faith itself, and let go of all these smaller things.
Yet for the months I did this practise in our charming two bedroom flat in West Hampstead - I hate to think what the price on this would be now - I netted great results.
Fourteen benevolent spirits were around me, I guessed these to be my dead relatives, because the number tallied roughly with all our families in Ontario, and British Columbia.
Only a few names came through, and one was the name of my father's cousin who died at the age of 28, he had been a medical student at the University of Toronto, and one of the few people in our family tree recently to die a premature death.
Interesting, but not one of my Adding Up experiences.  Still does everything in life have to Add Up?

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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