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The Astral Cord And Chard

This was my second mystical experience with a person with whom I was very much in love.
We had a lot of money problems, though managed to live in an attractive two bedroom apartment in Montreal, a city where good housing was inexpensive at that time.
The bedroom where I had this experience was pretty, I had done with a lot on a low buget.  The walls were pale strawberry, there was a large white rocking chair, from a vintage store sale. Also a wicker chair with green flowered cushions.  But best of all was the door opening onto a small balcony, onto a quiet tree lined street. I pulled the wicker chair onto the balcony most nights and planned our careers as artists.
Extraordinary physical illness blighted our lives, unknown even to many of our friends.  I suffered from a excruciating jaw and neck injury called TMJ, or tempomandibular joint injury.  This originated in a car accident on the Lion's Gate Bridge in Vancouver, when my Ford Falcon was rear- ended by a marijuana soaked driver.
Well, I am guessing that, because he just kept driving into my car, even after everyone on the bridge stopped because it was rush hour.
The pain I suffered caused me to lie around the home a lot, reading, drawing, painting, though I also took long walks on Mount Royal attmepting to stop the decline of my physical energies.
Chard and I were very close, the sort of closeness where one person begins the sentences, and the other one may finish them correctly.  His younger sister Pauline suffered major childhood illness, giving him great patience and kindness when dealing with a suffering mate.
I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a cord like an umbicilical cord, radiating energy between our navels.  This was not at all sexual.  With my medical problems, we did not have much of a sexual life. I knew the shape of the cord, though I could not see it with my eyes.
I knew the shape and length of the astral cord, because I felt it exactly.
Later, a friend told me that such an experience meant that we were Twin Souls, destined for one another.  I hope that is not true, because we should have stayed together, if that's the case.
I knew it was a sign of deep love and connection.

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The China Adventures Of Arielle Gabriel

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