The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel

Voo Doo In The Caribbean

Voo Doo In The Caribbean

Why have I never written about my many psychic, occult, and mystical experiences?  Because unlike all those packaged stories in New Age bookstores, they don't fit into any sort of marketing pattern.
This voodoo experience in the beautiful island of Antiqua does not fit into anything.  It is a one off. I think it's really interesting, and wonder if anyone else had an experience like this.
I think it fits under Astral Entities.
I stayed for a few days at a spotless and small hotel run by a motherly black woman, friendly and surprised to see me turn up, as most of her guests were black businessmen from other islands.  I discovered the hotel in a library book, with a name like Local Business Travellers' Guide to the Caribbean.
Lying on my white comforter, under a large mosquito net, I rose to go out for my dinner, a banana daiquiri and bowl of free peanuts, and found myself unable to move at all.
A body of air lay over my own body, freezing me in place to the bed, pinning my legs and arms down.
I thought of the word ghost, but I did not feel any sinister spirit in the room, or even the hotel itself, let alone the friendly and motherly black hostess who owned the building.
After the better part of a minute, the spell broke, and I could move, I went over and over what had happened, as I did all my psychic experiences, feeling the wonders of the world that lay outside our own daily life.
I later judged this to be peculiarity of place, not really very much to do with myself at all.
Or maybe the lady wanted to let me knowshe could do some sort of magic, known to others in the island, there was nothing malevolent about this.  Startled the first second I could not pass through the transparent humid air, I waited for the spell to pass.
And then came the thunder and lightening, the storms that shook the city every evening, louder than any I knew in my homeland, allowing us to breathe temporarily, before the next day's encompassing humidity began.
With only a few days in Antigue, it was a memorable trip, a wealthy British dentist asked me to stay and be his girlfriend, and a young black man took me home to his mother, who asked me if I wanted to go out with her son!
For dinner I had free snacks at the banana daiquri bar-and-restaurant, and for slumber, I had my magical hotel.
I didn't want a normal, ordinary life, when I was a young girl, and I sure as hell got what I wanted.

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