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The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel

Today is Tuesday.

I am in Hong Kong briefly, last night I was accidentally locked out of our house and went into Hong Kong not only to sleep for 600 rmb at cheap hotel, but also to find out if The China Adventures was still alive. I thought I had lost this entire website, which was a quite a chunk to lose.

It could be the China computer companies that have put a block on this so the Chinese will use their services???

At any rate my great joy in life has now been moved out of China and into Hong Kong. read this site while you still can, and tell your friends, though maybe not in China, where they cannot read it anyway.

I had breakfast at Delifrance and sought some bureaucracy information.

I just hope I will make it in one piece to the holidays in ten days time. I have been following the WWW 111 stories at Yahoo very closely.

Also there are gorgeous photos to append to this site, but I may not have the time to do that right now. I also wanted to edit the whole project to make myself look a little sweeter as potential mass media star, but do not have the time for this self cover-up!

So it stands.