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The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel

I have been working for hours to finish my diary website, and still have to upload many China Letters from the past few months into the Essays section.

I cannot understand how brilliant a computer can be that I will be able to go into the library or cybercafe and change my writings every week, or as implied by the word diary, every day.

Presently I live in South China, and am not isolated as a woman in Asia; in fact, I am surrounded by Chinese friends almost every minute of the day!

The beautiful moment I had today was when I took a short-cut and walked down a back lane past two Buddhist religious supplies stores. This was exciting to me. I could not believe how cheap the beautiful carved altars were, because of course, they are never sold to tourists, and therefore the low prices were exactly marked. Less than two hundred Canadian for three-tiered altars, taller than me, with electrical cords running through the walls, so that you can light them electrically from within. I was hypnotized by the combination of ancient woodcraft and modern electrical ingenuity.

The sensual and exotic richness of Asian lifestyle will be a theme here. Also, I want to write about my hopes, fears, and dreams, in an intimate way, as well as record more objectively an important time in Canada - China relationships.

There are days when I believe the Internet is the greatest, and this is one of them; one of my own students, a Chinese telecommunications expert for all of South China, said the Internet is magic.

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

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