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Arielle's Free Paper Dolls & Paper Airplanes
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Blue Jack


Jack in the Box

Welcome to Arielle Gabriel's paper doll website.
There are so many great sites already out there.  So why did I do this one?  I was surfing about trying to locate my special interests: antique paper dolls, Betsy McCall paper dolls,  and other magazine dolls.
I noticed some of the Betsys were crumpled pages, and decided I would forego printing these and stick to the perfect sheets.  Even those perfect sheets needed some re-touching.  The colours on the legs and arms look murky.
Since I am also learning Photoshop I thought I would fix-up some of the sheets and scan them back restored into my computer.
I also kept hitting sites that took me into more and more levels of paper dolls.  Wouldn't it be great, I thought, if I just cleaned some of the searching up, and made it faster for others to print good sheets.
So here are some new lists, and also my own thoughts on paper doll collecting.
I do have some paper dolls from Canada from the Thirties and Forties and Fifties that I have not yet seen on the Internet, so I may be scanning those as well.
Finally, so many have given to me on the Internet, this is my own way of contributing to our community.  It's just plain fun to put up our hobbies in an attractive and helpful way accesible all over the world.