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The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel
The Hong Kong Adventures: Cash Jobs Teaching & Film Work

Teaching Work
It is impossible to get long-term work
without having a good visa, however there are short work possibilities, such as the schools on the outer islands, especially for summer intensives, and also there is a bulletin board at The Travellers Lodge, Floor 16, Block A, Chungking Mansions, Nathan Road.
Chungking Mansions is notorious, so
everyone knows where it is.
The South China Morning Post gives many teaching jobs.  Consider working in China as a teacher if you love one part of the country, such as Xian, Shanghai, or Beijing.  The Chinese government wants to attract English teachers, and can be quite helpful.
Film Extra Work
This work pays immediate cash, and the only drawback is most if not all shooting is at night.  They need more people who look like typical Westerners, since there are a lot of Asian looking people in Asia!!!
Contact Michael, a Chinese man,  at the Travellers Lodge, in Chungking Mansion too.  They sometimes need people for television or radio commercials, and this pays even more.
Lingerie Fitting Models
Though this is the type of ad to be very careful about,. many of these ads are completely legitimate.  Chinese women cannot be used for larger sizes of lingerie, ha ha ha, and so those strange ads pay very well, especially if you are a rare size!!!
Always go with a male friend, or one or two male friends, let everyone know where you are going, keep a cab running, and even better, meet the people first at a restaurant or cafe, and check them out.
Very famous clothing companies need these types of models, however scuzzy people can pretend to be working for famous companies.
I recommend this job only
because the pay is very high, the work time very short,
and the companies really do need fitting models.
Young pretty girls applying for any types of acting or modelling jobs in foreign lands should let everyone know what they are doing and where are going,
and not going rushing about on their own.  Even men and women running cheap hotels may have a sense of morality, as well as other hostel/hotel guests.
As legitimate employers, the companies do take ads in the major newspapers in Hong Kong.