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The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel
The Hong Kong Adventures of Arielle Gabriel: Best Sight-seeing for the Lazy & the Cheap

Note there are pages before and after this: full details of the Hong Kong Adventure and other travel stories!

Arielle's Top 10
Big Buddha, Lantau Island
Tai O Fishing Village, Lantau Island
Stanley Market
Cat Street, Man Ho Temple, Ladder Street
Victoria Peak
Cheng Chau: Island Walk, Beaches, Seafood
Jade Market
Hong Kong Museum of Art
Hong Kong Museum of History
Repulse Bay: Just Swimming in the Ocean
Do not, I repeat, do not seee more than one major site in one day, unless it is adjacent to other key sites.  This type of exhaust-yourself-travel is for the birds.
I have met foolish tourists who do Big Buddha, Victoria Peak, and a walled village all in one day, or attempt to.   Each of these sites alone is worthy of one day.
Do you look at something, or do you experience it, or do you understand it?
Are you travelling to impress others, or to enjoy yourselves?
This list will soon be amended to give shopping, transport, and snacking information.