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The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel
The Hong Kong Adventures of Arielle Gabriel: Budget Hotels

Note there are pages before and after this: full details of the Hong Kong Adventure and other travel stories!

Hong Kong hotels are extremes in price.  There are the famous luxury hotels at one end and the other end are the types of hotels that look good once you become rich and famous, and want people to know how hard you had it when you were starting out in life!
Since this is a budget site, I give the low-end hotels, which are low-end in price indeed, amazingly so.
Remember you are paying to be in a central location in one of world's great cities, so if it is clean, and the rats stay out of the actual sleeping area.....Just joking!
You have three choices;
1. The youth hosels, for which you may need a card, acquired before you leave your native land.
2. The Chungking Mansions on Nathan Road in Lower Kowloon.
3. The Mirador Mansions on Nathan Road in Lower Kowloon.
All low-budget is potentially risky and therefore i do not stand behind my recommendations in any legal sense, so do not sue me if you are robbed, raped, or misled!  All you are doing is saving money.
The Chungking Mansions has had a cult film made about it.  It is a huge complex of hotels, stores, and restaurants, dark and forboding, full of exotically dressed travellers from India and Africa.
The police periodically tear about these hotels checking visas and passports, and wake people at the crack of dawn to catch any deadbeats slumbering.
You can get money changed, wire money home, buy souvenirs, enjoy ethnic snacks and meals, and even visit Michael Lam, a film casting agent, on Floor Sixteen of Block A who can get you a night of work on a real movie set.   This work usually involves all-night shooting so is recommended for the strong, though it pays fast cash for needy travellers.
The Travellers Lodge where Michael has his office has low-priced rooms, dorms, and a women's section as well.  It ic clean though the elevators put me off on the Chungking Mansions.
You have to wait a long time for them, and if a fire ever broke out here it would be pandemonium.
The Mirador Mansions are cleaner, with a lower density of tourists, though I have seen some interesting looking factories contained here,
One of my favourite jokes about the Chungking:
As Lizzy Nolan, my Irish friend, and I were tearing down the stairwells one night, I told her a Canadian teacher had just written me that she was wary of the hotel since a mouse ran one night from under her restaurant table.
Lizzy said with Irish wit, She should be happy it wasn't a rat!
That is the true attitude all world travellers should cultivate!  Be happy it was not a rat, and it was a rat, be happy it was a small rat!