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The Hong Kong Adventures: Visas, Banks, Post Office, etc. | The Hong Kong Adventures: Phone Codes, Emergencies, etc. | The Hong Kong Adventures | Essay: Chinese Virtues
The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel
Thank You Chinese Friends!

  • For the hundreds, yes, hundreds, of delicious home-cooked and restaurant meals, of up to ten or twelve courses - my favourites of spinach, eggplant, corn and pinenuts, tofu, dumplings, Chinese beer, prawns, shrimps, crab, barbgecued nuts, coconut soup, egg soup, fried noodles, and so many more!
  • For the warmth shown at Spring Holiday - never an unattended moment, always on the go!
  • For teaching me about the blind musician, and erhu music, and Teresa Teng, and Beijing Opera, and concerts in the parks!
  • For helping me find a thousand and one places with Chinese letters pinned to me, like mittens to a not too bright child!
  • For helping me onto and off of trains, all over South China, with one poor young man falling down the steps when my Hong Kong cart broke at Canton station!
  • For always saying Canada is A Beautiful Country - and reminding me about Dr. Norman Bethune!
  • For giving us The China Adventures, one of the greatest and most classic of all The Great Adventures!
  • May there be more happy times to come!